From Zero to 100: How Integration of Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Helps Reach Ugandan Communities with NTD Treatment

28 Jul 2022

Along the north-eastern border of Uganda, Moroto district sits in the Karamoja region, an area home to numerous nomadic pastoralist groups. Vincent Muron lives in Moroto with his family and serves as a senior ophthalmic clinical officer by trade, as well as an advocate for the health of his community.

“Moroto is inhabited by the Karamojong communities. These are cattle keepers, they are nomadic, they move from one place to another in search for water and pasture. That is their normal activity, they are pastoralists. Life here is quite hard because they depend mainly on animal products, that’s the milk. And the animal population has gone down, meaning the population is impoverished, they don’t have resources to be able to sustain their living. They depend now on cutting of firewood, burning charcoal, and selling those items for their survival,” Vincent said.

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