Neglected Tropical Diseases Sustainability Analysis and Planning Consultation Guide

12 Jan 2021
Act to End NTDs | East Program

The Neglected Tropical Diseases Sustainability Analysis and Planning Consultation Guide, developed by Act to End NTDs | East, provides an overview of how a flexible team of stakeholders can analyze the sustainability of NTD interventions, develop a sustainability plan, and implement and monitor that plan. Implementers, donors, civil society, academia, NTD programs, multilateral organizations, and senior health managers can use and adapt this guide as needed in a specific context; however, the ministry of health (MOH) should have responsibility for the analysis and planning process.

This guide uses the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) definition of sustainability as a starting point: “The national health system capacity and commitment to maintain the provision of NTD interventions at levels that will continue progression toward control or elimination of diseases in accordance with national NTD goals.”

Within the context of the USAID definition, this sustainability analysis contributes to a better understanding of the sustainability of NTD interventions in a given country, integrates sustainability into decision-making by assessing sustainability impacts, and fosters sustainability objectives. It supports decision-making by helping users integrate contextual understanding and structuring information into discrete components. Implementing the sustainability analysis and planning consultation process leads to a sustainability plan that influences the health sector plans in support of NTD intervention continuation and progress.