Announcing the new and improved NTD Toolbox

07 Jan 2020

The NTD Toolbox is a collection of tools, resources, training materials, videos, and guidance to be used by NTD program managers and other implementing staff. Launched in 2016, the NTD Toolbox was designed in response to requests from national NTD program managers for better access to tools, resources, and best practices, in line with WHO guidance. Recently, the NTD Toolbox has moved to a new location at, with increased functionality.

The NTD Toolbox seeks to build capacity and understanding of NTD program implementation throughout the global NTD community, with the focus on increasing awareness and understanding around programmatic work for Preventative Chemotherapy NTDs. It is led by Act to End NTDs | East, but is meant to be a resource and repository for the global community.

Have a resource that you think would be a good addition to the NTD Toolbox? Great, we'd love to see it!

Need the latest WHO guidance or wondering what tools are available for coverage surveys?

Find all that and more on the NTD Toolbox, with easy to navigate resources categorized by disease, resource type, language, and programmatic phase.